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Via Pietro Nenni 48 - 80018 Mugnano di Napoli, Campania Italy


The O.Me.Sud is born in the 1982 and it’s very known in the field of the mechanic, the experience is the characterizing element of the activity.

The Company carries out precision mechanical machining and carpentry of any kind and of any greatness; the O. Me. Sud is specialized in the calibration of lamination rolls, in the construction / restoration / modification of Reels and in applications and reparations with technique of special welding, moreover it is a reliable partner for the maintenance of systems. The name O. Me. Sud is synonymous of safety, seriousness and honesty. The respect is at the base of the relationship that we establish with the Customer and our competence is symptom of high professionality and efficiency in the production processes and the services.

The Know How, the respect of the terms of delivery, the relationship quality / price, are our tools for the satisfaction of our customers

Why O.Me.Sud srl?

Too often, in the daily routine, we forget about the professional work that is done by a supplier.

Many customers, simplistically, limit themselves to evaluating the total cost of procurement, believing it to be a simple addition between production costs such as raw material and labor hours.

The foundation of professionalism is competence, which allows you to do your job in the best possible way. Furthermore, the correct value of professionalism is based on continuous technological updating, industrial optimization and understanding of the customer's requests and needs (which are "tailor-made", tailored to each individual company), on the experience learned in working in decades of activity, on flexibility, on compliance with contractual terms, creativity and the ability to face and solve the problems submitted.
Professionalism is the result of tireless and silent work, too often not valued, which involves dedication, passion, commitment, seriousness, honesty and a long, long time. The customer has the perception of the value and importance of their supplier thanks to professionalism.
O.Me.Sud srl makes professionalism its strong point. Know How, responsiveness and understanding of customer needs, compliance with delivery terms, experience, optimization of production and therefore of processing costs, are the pillars of our business.

O.Me.Sud S.r.l.
Via Pietro Nenni 48 - 80018 Mugnano di Napoli, Campania, Italy
Ph. +39 081 711 15 89
Ph. +39 081 711 18 83
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